Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gracing us with her presence for a whole year now

"Unwrapping gifts is a job for my slaves. Just show me when your done, please."
The emotional progression of having complete freedom with the birthday cake:
1) "What the . . . ?"
2) "Sticky? This is promising . . . "
3) "Wait for it . . . "
4) "Wo mama!"
Twas a long day for a girl of one year.


. said...

So so cute! Now that I know you have a blog I'll be checking it :)

. said...

I don't know why it didn't show up but the last comment was me, Whitney, check out my blog.
I guess that name won't work much

Kristin said...

Such a sweetie!

Gardner Family said...

Very cute. I love the commentary, so fitting.

Zona Bosted said...

I was looking through pics the other day and upon one of Maddie with the girls. Your youngest looks just like her

chuck and april said...

your family is so cute. the kids are getting so big now. tell connie hello for me. does she have a facebook??

Dori said...

So cute!

ericksons said...

Ben and Connie, I can't believe how big your family has gotten. The kids look cute!

We miss you guys and hopefully one day we will see you around.


Johnny 5 said...

Hey the reading public demands a Beus update!