Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gracing us with her presence for a whole year now

"Unwrapping gifts is a job for my slaves. Just show me when your done, please."
The emotional progression of having complete freedom with the birthday cake:
1) "What the . . . ?"
2) "Sticky? This is promising . . . "
3) "Wait for it . . . "
4) "Wo mama!"
Twas a long day for a girl of one year.

Gracie: I walk like Frankenstein's Monster after a long horse ride

Catching up: Halloween 2008

Hunting for the perfect, only mildly abused or malnourished, pumpkin at the Cider Mill in Lacey
There's never an inappropriate location for a heroic pose. "Soak it in turkeys!"
"Look, my lips are gone! Where did they go? Sorry, but I'm taking this secret to my grave."
"Isn't it splendid to be among the corn, brother?"
Award-worthy jacko-lanterns
unicorn + pegasus = pegacornasus (with a child's head protruding from its neck)
Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman
The two-headed pegacornasus descends from its mountain-top perch
With his left hand he links some of his web up with the nearest available skyscraper and with the right hand he shows genuine concern that jumping may have been a really bad idea.