Friday, May 30, 2008

Wii Blame it on the Rain

It rains a lot in western WA. We won't quantify "a lot" in this entry, but the historical data is out there to prove the reality of that statement. Anyway, coming from eastern WA, this overly-hydrated climate has been a bit of a shock to our systems and our kids (okay all of us) frequently suffer from cabin-fever.

Well, there's this device we recently adopted to help curb our need to get outside and play. Yes, it involves the television - it is the Nintendo Wii. Most recently we have been playing a fair amount of Mario Kart (pictured above). I remember as a kid playing the original Nintendo. The remotes had buttons that functioned as the exclusive means for manipulating the characters in a game. Despite that fact, I remember having, and witnessing others having, an involuntary urge to wave one's arms about while playing. It was as though the buttons were not doing a good enough job and we needed to provide some added incentive to make Mario jump higher or run faster. Am I right? Who's with me on this? Well, the great thing about the Wii, of course, is that all of that natural instinct is now exactly how you make the game work.

Suffice it to say our kids love it. And dad loves it. And it's a great leveraging-tool for modifying little children's behavior. Attitudes can be manipulated, nay molded, instantly when the threat of "No Wii tonight" rears it's despicable head. And no, that's not bad-parenting . . . leveraging of this quality is remarkably effective. People pay lots of money for books on effective parenting methods. Consider this a free seminar. Your welcome.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A First Time For Everything

So, it looks like we are among the last people on earth to put together a blog. We try our best to maintain our non-conformist mantra, but since we are very bad at keeping in touch with just about everyone, this seemed like the thing to do. The looming question is whether or not we'll actually keep it up to date now. Stay tuned.