Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Big sis', little sis'

Maddie loves her baby sister. In fact, we often have to be on smother alert because there is sometimes an excess of sisterly love. Now that Gracie can roll, that's about all she wants to do once we put her on the ground - and she covers a lot of ground using all that tummy momentum. Well, our two girls are often inseparable, as is evidenced by the above video clip. We at least appreciate that Maddie is such a good sport about having clumps of hair yanked from her scalp and having her face thoroughly slobbered and gummed. After all, Gracie is in a stage where she perceives the rest of us to be her giant servants; on-call 24 hours to provide food, transportation, entertainment and food. She doesn't use words yet, but she can get her point across. Screaming works well. Sometimes, though, if we just aren't getting it she will attempt to eat our faces. Maddie thinks it's funny now, but it won't be long before those little gums sprout teeth. Who will be laughing then?


Nygards said...

Your family is so cute! I can't believe how grown up Maddie and Eli are. We hope you guys are doing great!

Mason Family said...

Hello Beus family i can't believe how big you kids are. And i see you are adding to the fam. It is so fun to see your family. We will have to keep in touch this way, it will probaly be the best. I hope your family is doing good.