Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Hot Day for May

This video was taken on May 17th - an unfairly hot day for this part of the country. And for the record, when you live in the Puget Sound region it's perfectly legitimate to be a pansy about warm weather. The kids, of course, thought it was swell. But they got to run around half-naked and frolic in an inflatable blue creature with water in it. And who wouldn't enjoy that?

A side-note about our little man, Eli. We tried to get him to wear swim trunks but he freaked out because he didn't want his shorts to get wet. I know, right? We tried to explain the purpose and mechanics behind swimwear, but he is so unreasonable for a three year old. And now we have video of him wearing nothing but a Finding Nemo swim-diaper for the whole world to see. Come to think of it, Maddie might not look back with fondness at a video that captures her hopping up and down madly in a kiddie pool; scowling and growling with a pirate-hook on one hand.


Danika said...

YEAH! You have a blog now!

90 degrees??? You guys are total wimps. It's supposed to be 104 here today!!!

chuck and april said...

yea!! i'm so glad y'all have a blog now!!! you'll have to check ours out too! your kids are so big! time flies man. this is a great way too keep in touch. we miss you guys!

chuck and april said...

where have you guys been??